and the existence of this blog confirms it beyond, well yeah, you get the picture…

I am a tart

Pimping myself and my new project The Outdoors Encounter all for the sake of an API key.

OK, since I'm here, and tarting myself beyond belief, might as well explain further.

I've an idea for a community blog targetted at anyone who does outdoors stuff.

I have my own outdoors interestes, principally climbing but with a sprinkling of walking, back-packing and wild camping thrown in for good measure, like. Dunno how but I got to think that there wasn't anywhere to read outdoor stuff, opinions, trip reports, stuff like that. Ah yes, I do remember; I enjoy reading the journal entries at Trail Journals. Its a site pretty much dedicated to day to day journalling by people who are doing "trails" such as The Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail and a host of others. And then I got to think "there isn't anywhere to read outdoor stuff, journals, etc..


If that was (is?) the case then it also means there is nowhere for ppl to post stuff like that; so The Outdoors Encounter was born. At this moment in time, although the site is live, its very much beta – mind you there's nothing stopping anyone signing up, its just that the front-end is, er, uninspiring 😉

I've managed to get WordPress MU installed (the easy bit) and working on sub-domains (the hard bit!) and, to bring the anti-spam sysytem Akismet online I needed an API key, courtesy of WordPress.

So, Toe Hold, the blogger pimp came to be.

The name is a play on the way I always feel about developing web sites; i.e. I feel that I have a toehold on understanding the technology (I don't do html anymore, ok, ya) and its also fits in nicely with the domain name; The Outdoors Encounter – an pure conincidence, but hey, I don't make the rules!