WordPress MU is the base software I'm using for The Outdoors Encounter. As well as WPMU I've looked at b2Evolution and Lyceum and I plumped for WPMU.

Part of the reason, for me, was the hands-on experience of using the product. b2Evolution was easy to install and has a gorgeous back-end. Lyceum I never got to try although it looks good enough; I never got to it because I was wrestling with WPMU:

WordPress MU; ah yes, the spawn of the devil himself that almost when into the bottom-less bit bucket!!

The sub-domain aspect of the way it develops users' blog, i.e. look at the top of this page and you'll see http://toehold.wordpress.com/ – the 'toehold' part of the URL is a sub-domain, works like a dream… if you're one of the chosen few. For me it was the biatch, the Biatch Queen From Hell!! But, as befits a juvoGeek, commonsense prevailed and the biatch submitted to my demands!

Once that aspect was solved, and none of the published fiixes fixed my problemo – what's that all about 😉 , the whole install works like a dream so ther was no need to look further into b2Evo (with its sexy rear end) or to look into Lyceum at all, sorry Lyceum.

There are other reasons why I persisted with WPMU, all of them with a eye to the future; the future development of WordPress and the furture development of [blank] (hey, you don't expect all my development plans to be revealed do you 😉 )