I don't know why I did it, but did it, I did 😉

I've had cause to [cough] interact with more than a few 'theme' methodologies and none of them are easy to get to grips with; not especially difficult [given time] but its never the case of three-clicks-and-you're-sorted. In picking up the zip package via the WPMU forums I did not find myself with the panacea for all things theme-related and WP; but, still, I'd convinced myself beforehand that it might just be so.

The bottom line is that there a good few pointers, etc., in the code in that 'theme' package but, as always, delving into someone else's code is a real headache. Not only are you trying to follow what's going on but also pick up on their style… made that bit more, er, challenging if you're still finding your way around in codeland (I really should make a point of getting my head down to learn more php).

However, in all of this I have come across a little gem. A series of three short tutorials by a guy called Chris J. Davis that give three very good, quick, and understandable ways to build on the theme package you've already got. His tutorials are:

Secrets of WP Theming – part 1
Secrets of WP Theming – part 2
Secrets of WP Theming – part 3

Notice that they are entitled WP Theming, and not WPMU Theming, but that's no big deal.The most informative, and relevant of the tutorials that Chris gives is #3 because it works with the home.php file which, as he explains, has a specific and unique role to play within your WP installation.