Time has hurtled past since my last post, partly because I've been busy elsewhere and partly because I've been reading up on WPMU, oh, and I've had some quality time with the other parts of my life ; )

Since mentioning the earth-shattering discovery that there is no panacea [shock][horror] to developing a WPMU site The Outdoors Encounter have moved along a little. Principal focus at the mo' has been toward developing a usable "front end" to the domain (the sub-domains and the blogging are up and running).

One or two snippets have popped up recently;

The principal source for the functions that are called from the templates is the wpmu-functions.php file in the /wp-includes/ directory. For instance;

As samchng has recently pointed on in this thread in the WPMU forums get_most_active_blogs() does exactly as it says on the tin.

There is a useful plugin, called List All that is available from wpmudev.org that is useful and usable. List All is probably the better option because its a plugin and there's no chance that a future update of the base files is going to overwrite your hard-earned customised code.