I’m currently working on installing and configuring the Flickr Photo Album for WP from Tan Tan Noodles. What I intend to do is commentate on how this goes:

Step 1
Open a Flickr account. I’m going with Flickr to try and make things easier; easier for me – less hosting costs than if I set up an integral gallery with The Outdoors Encounter and easier for bloggers who might well have their own “album” solution.

Step 2
Upload archive to site and unzip; within the plugins directory and not the mu-plugins directory

Step 3
Activate the plugin from my blog account (because I intend to create an article for that blog).

first problem – Plugin complains that /plugin/silaspartners/flikr/flikr-cache/ is not writeable by the web server.

OK, easily rectified; chown owner.httpd
refresh web page, plugin disappears from page :-/

Reset owner:group

cd /plugins/silaspartners/flickr/
chown domain.httpd flickr-cache
chmod 775 flickr-cache


[click] [click] the plugin installation continues easily.

Error: Please create at least one Flickr photo set, and then click the “Refresh” button above to see your photos.

this is a FLickr error; I need to create a photo set within my Flickr account, its not just as simple as uploading a [test] photo.
Flickr has a menu Option named Organise (except they spell it wrongly ; )
Click that, it complain that need the latest version of Macremedia Flash player
Click OK, install successful, go back to Flickr Organise page and it still complains about he Flash plugin; great my browser is acting up. Now then, how do I go about killing the browser plugins to allow a clean install? Bollocks to it, I’ll sort it later, it just doesn’t want to play; use another browser.

Right, sorted… and behold there were photo in the Plugin config section.

To insert a photo, just click on the “Write” tab, and you should a new “Photos” tab to load your Flickr photos. Click on a photo, select a size, and a HTML snippet for that photo will appear in the post’s textarea. Cool!

Yep, way cool, if it had worked… but you guessed it – no “Photos tab” : -(


its too late, I can’t resolve this and my legs are mutinying and going to sleep of their own accord. I think its time for all of the rest of mt to follow suit.
Bggr, never works straight out of the tin ; )