Another option to manage Flickr photos wihtin a WP (MU) blog is FAlbum

FAlbum : URL = FAlbum WP 1.5/2.0 plugin
Install instructions : FAlbum Install Instructions
Support Forum : FAlbum forum

Well respected, however “FAlbum includes the code needed to have a recent pictures or random pictures section on your sidebar” which, since I’m trying to set up a WPMU install that is as “point and click” as possible for my bloggers, means that no matter how good it is its a non-starter for this project.

I also note that FAlbum requires an entry within the .htaccess file which, although I’ve not looked into this requirement (at all) makes me less than comfortable because .htaccess problems are the bane of a WPMU install. If I can get away with making as few “customisations” as possible then there is less to break (especially on upgrades). It also means, to me, that the install is more robust.