Recently I’ve been busy either working away from web dev or working on some Joomla stuff that I’ve got going.

Joomla! (to give it its full name) is an Open Source Content Management System available from It is arguably the best Open Source CMS system around today. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at CMS systems, something like 18 months+, looking for a CMS system that was usable, well supported and powerful. Amongst those I’ve trialled has been Typo, which was a nightmare seemingly designed for Ultra Ubergeeks, Drupal which was less so but the suport side of things wasn’t the best if you weren’t Ubergeek plus its funtionality was limted; at something like v5 (can’t recall but was a sizeable version number) things like the built-in editor were very basic.

I eventually settled on Mambo just before the company holding the copyright for the name threw a bit of wobbly and 95% of the development team moved on, forming the Joomla! team. Since then Joomla has gone from strength to strength (Mambo has shown some development but has stagnated in comparison).

I’ve a couple of sites in development using Joomla, however is my “baby” : )